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  Welcome to Fectio, part of the Vortigern Studies websites. Fectio is a Late Roman re-enactment group, based in The Netherlands and attempting to re-create a soldiers' life in the times of Vortigern. Edited by Robert M. Vermaat.

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Roman Sites

This part of Fectio is about all the Roman sites I've seen over the past 30 years. Starting with the reconstructed remains of the German Limes in the summer of 1973 at the age of 9, followed by many more in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switserland, Britain and even as far away as IsraŽl.

The image shows me during my first outing as a re/enactor in 1991. The tower is the north gate of the partly reconstructed Colonia of Xanten.

  Current Contents:

Netherlands Roman Ship 2005
I was invited by Time Team to come and have a look at their filming of the excavation of yet another Roman ship at Leidse Rijn near Utrecht.
(7 pictures).


Roman Ship 2005


Netherlands Viradecdis 2004
We heard on a new monument set up close to Utrecht and went to see it. This is a replica of stone to VIRADECDIS, a Tungrian godess.
(5 pictures).


Viradecdis 2004


Netherlands Roman Stone 2004
A visit to the newly discovered funeral memorial of TIBERIVS JULIVS PROBVS that was found in Houten and is displayed close to where I work.
(7 pictures).


Roman Stone 2004


Netherlands Roman Ship 2003
There was a great opportunity to see the big pit with the newly discovered Roman ship at Leidse Rijn near Utrecht. Of course we took it, taking the kids along.
(30 pictures).


Roman Ship 2003


Germany Xanten 2002
A 5th visit to the Archeological Park Xanten in Germany. This time, I showed it to my daughter (5) and my in-laws. A good opportunity to take a few snapshots of the kit as well!
(10 pictures).


Xanten 2002


Netherlands Ermelo 2001
Visits to the ancient marching camp on the Ermelose Heide (Ermelo Heath). Though difficult to see, the walls of this temporary camp are still there. ( Lees de pagina in het Nederlands )
(16 pictures).


Ermelo 2001


More to come...


Switzerland Wittnauer Horn 2000
We visited friends in Switserland on a trip of just one week - but I managed to visit no less than 4 Roman sites! This adventurous search for the Wittnauer Fluchtburg or Refugium is the first.
(10 pictures)


Wittnauer Horn 2000


More to come...

Germany Xanten 1991
My first visit to the Archeological Park Xanten in Germany, together with two friends.
(10 pictures).


Xanten 1991


Israel Caesarea 1990
Deep blue sea, deep blue sky, hot sand, ruins, .. and shops. Modern tourism has taken a firm hold of Caesarea Maritima, a.k.a. Herod's harbour. My trip to the still very impressive spot of the 2000-year old Heriodian development site.
(19 pictures)


Caesarea 1990


Israel Banyas 1990
The site of Caesarea Philippi is still a very nice place to visit as its waterfalls are one of the sources of the river Jordan.
(7 pictures)


Banyas 1990


Israel Tabgha 1990
On the shore of Lake Tiberias lies the Byzantine church that commemorates the miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes.
(7 pictures)


Tabgha 1990


Israel Masada 1990
An unforgettable trip to the Judean desert. Masada, last refuge for the Jewish state, or simply a terrorist hideout? A place heavily laden with both historical and modern events.
(25 pictures)


Masada 1990


Israel Jerusalem 1990
A troubled history that goes back thousands of years. A deeply divided city, coveted nonetheless by peoples from all over the world. And once destroyed and rebuilt by the Romans.
(38 pictures)


Jerusalem 1990


Italy Old Sarum 1989
On a bicycle tour through Britain we camped below the ramparts of Old Sarum, the ancient fort just north of the modern town of Salisbury.
(10 pictures)


Old Sarum 1989


Italy Sebatum 1983
Hardly a visit, to remains which weren't much to look at. The Milestone next to the road to Bruneck was something different.
(7 pictures)


Sebatum 1983


Austria Lavant 1983
After visiting Aguntum, we visited the settlement which sprung up after the town declined at the onset of the Dark Ages. Lavant has a nice ruin of a Bishopric which lasted until the late 6th century.
(5 pictures).


Lavant 1983


Austria Aguntum 1983
A visit to Aguntum. The remains of this Roman town in a stunning Alpine setting. Only, it was 30 degrees, so the visit was a very short one...
(8 pictures)




Germany Heidentempel 1974
No one in my family could tell me when or where exactly these fuzzy pictures were made, just where we went on holiday that year. It took some detective work.
(6 pictures).


Heidentempel 1974


Germany Limes 1973 (2)
The next site on that first holiday, a spot on the Rštische Limes near Ellwangen.
(3 pictures)


Limes 1973 (2)


Germany Limes 1973
I was but 9 years old when a holiday took me to the Obergermanische Limes in Germany. I was completely addicted to everything Roman after that. Beware of horrible pictures.
(9 pictures)


Limes 1973 (1)

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