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Welkom bij Fectio!

Welcome to Fectio, part of the Vortigern Studies websites. Fectio is a Late Roman re-enactment group, based in The Netherlands and attempting to re-create a soldiers' life in the times of Vortigern. Edited by Robert M. Vermaat. This website features picture galleries, kit guides, original source documents and important texts, extensive bibliographies, reading lists and informative articles.



At this site
Welcome and Greetings!
Fectio is a Dutch Late Roman Re-enactment Society. We focus on the military part of Late Roman society during the 4th to 5th century. Our area is the Western Empire, especially in the Lower German and British provinces. The name Fectio is taken from the Limes fortress on the Dutch Lower Rhine frontier, today know as Vechten. Our unit is know as the Fectienses Seniores, belonging to the army class of the Pseudo-Comitatenses. Events for this year(More...)

So what's on the agenda today? Have a look at our busy schedule for this year and find out where you can meet us at the next opportunity! Or you can just send us an email.

What does Fectio?

More about the group, its purposes, our events and agenda.
Also, many pictures and articles about the Late Roman army and the materials we are using.
Fectio in het Nederlands pagina's in het Nederlands.

Fectio, the group


The Fectio Shows
Reports of all past events. From the early days of Marcus Junkelmann to the Late Roman Event at Archeon and of course the watchtower!


Fectio Shows


The Fectio Articles
Fectio features a growing section of articles about Late Roman material. Here can be found articles about the sources, use and construction.




The turris of Fectio
A replica of a Roman watchtower has been built near Utrecht, the Netherlands.


The turris of Fectio


Roman Sites
A travelogue of my visits to Roman sites all over the Empire during the past 30-odd years. This section includes pictures, maps and articles.


Roman Sites


Filming at Fectio
The tower slowly becomes famous as a Roman landmark, both in The Netherlands as well as abroad! We and others were shooting movies there.


Filming at Fectio

Fectio in the press
Sometimes Fectio even makes the news! Here is a list of newspaper articles (in Dutch) about such occasions.
  Fectio in the newspapers!

The Fectio Bibliography
Fectio is also supported by a collection of articles, anthologies, studies and primary or secondary sources about the Late Antique Roman and Dark Ages.


Fectio bibliography


Fectio - links
Links to many other sites about Late Roman and related period re-enactment groups.




What's New on Fectio?
Fectio is usually updated at least once a month. Check out what has been added or altered here.




The Fectio sitemap
This is a complete guide to the articles available at this site.





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