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Fort Vechten
Sundays in 2008

Saturday 15th November 2003, the groundwork was laid for a replica of a Roman watchtower as could be found all along the Limes. This turris or watchtower has now been built between the 19th-century fortress and the field which still covers the remains of the castellum Fectio. The tower was officially opened on May 16th, 2004. Every season since then the tower is open on Sundays from about April until late July, and August until late October. During some of these Sundays (and of course the Open Monument Weekend in September) the tower is guarded by a patrol of Roman soldiers, and sometimes that guard is provided by Fectio.
Fort Vechten, southeast of Utrecht.

Detailed image of the area.

September 28th: Fectio is at the tower for the last time this season.
A last fine weekend at the Limes. Mystery meetings in the limyrint.. Andreas and Jeroen entering the corn..
Our final stint at the tower this year, and we had good weather too. Time to explore the mysteries of the Limyrint, or
enjoy the food we brought along.

September 27th: Corbvlo is at the tower.
Milites from Corbvlo. Romans at the tower. Jurjenius from Corbvlo. Tiberius from Corbvlo.
Fall has begun, but summer still lingers on - no complaints from the guards!

July 13th: Fectio is back at the tower.
Summer is in full swing, good news for our third guard at the Limes. Fectio has now three soldiers!
Summer is in full swing, good news for our third guard at the tower. Fectio has now three soldiers!
The labyrinth in the cornfield, or Limyrinth as it's dubbed... .. hasn't been officially opened yet .. Jeroen and I can't resist taking a short stroll in the green field. Late Roman picnic site. A nice day out at the Limes.
The labyrinth in the cornfield, or Limyrinth as it's dubbed, hasn't been officially opened yet, but Jeroen and I couldn't resist taking a short stroll in the green field.
A few visitors being told about the Romans. Our few belonging taken along on patrol. Jeroen and his new carbatinae. A nice day out in the sun with friends. Modern food for ancient Romans.
Not too many visitors, but enough to make it a nice day out in the sun with friends -
Cor (our distant offfspring) was also present, meaning we had access to modern food and futuristic weapons.

June 8th: Corbvlo is at the tower.

A week on, and it's the turn of Corbvlo again. Optio Jurjenius braved the very hot weather to educate the passing visitors..

June 1st: It's our turn again - Fectio returns to the Limes.
Tall grass and humid conditions, but officially summer has arrived. The mist is still visible in the background. The tent, lavished with woolen floor cloths to remain dry.
A humid day, this start of the summer, when the Fectienses Seniores minus Chariovalda return to the Limes.

The tent, pitched below the tower. Today I'm showing a limitaneus. Hieronimus is a junior limitaneus. Grrr! A very keen visitor! Throw! The kids take aim at jeroen.. A family patrol today.
A drizzle soon halted, allowing us to erect the tent in dry conditions. Too humid maybe for armour, but excellent conditions to test out the new <hobnailed> shoes, that would otherwise have slipped on the wet grass. It took some time before we had the first visitors. But when the temperature went up and the sun came out, more cyclists turned up.

.. and collect our 19 practise plumbatae after the volleys have been thrown. .. plenty of kids.. .. who were eager to take a shot at Jeroen. We also did a few 'father and son' training fights. Cute in armour!
Soon we had plenty of kids who were eager to take a shot at Jeroen, who happily dodged volley after volley of our practise plumbatae.. And to the delight of some members of the public, we also did a few 'father and son' training fights.

May 18th: Corbvlo is at the tower.
A weary optio and a tough guard keep an eye on the border traffic in this sector.. Tough-looking but agreeable: Tiberius. "Sure, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it". Border guard Jurjenius. Styeady as a rock: Tiberius.
A week on, and it's the turn of Corbvlo. Optio Jurjenius and miles Tiberius had the job of checking border traffic, asking for passwords and extorting the locals who wanted to pass by the tower..

May 11th: Fectio returns to the Limes.
Very good weather greeting our first guard at the tower. Finally, Fectio is back at the tower. Jeroen amongst the buttercups and dandelions..
Finally it's time for the Fectienses Seniores to set up camp again at the tower. A warm day, reasonably cool when the strong East wind was blowing, but suddenly very hot (already temperatures towards the upper 20 degrees) when that wind slackened around mid day.
We were not alone - already before arriving at the tower we met up with Cor again, our French napoleontic guest who often keeps us company during our guard stints. And as usual, Cor brought a nice wine that went well with our supply of of grapes and strawberries...
But we also had a special guest - Janneke, who visited us to get a first look at what re-enactment looked like.
Throwing the javelin - Hieronimus! Andreas and Janneke, a new member for Fectio? Jeroen also liked to play inside the tent.. Plenty of food and drink! Cor, Napoleontic nobleman from Houten.
Chariovalda dressing up a guest in my improved squamata. Janneke, Andreas and Cor minding the guests. Throwing the javelin - Hieronimus! We had extremely good weather. Throwing the javelin - Hieronimus again!
Well, it was a bit of a slow day for re-enactment. Maybe it was the wind of the heat, but not very many cyclists stopped for a chat or an educational mini-show. Which gave us plenty of opportunity to chat, or throw plumbatae and javelins, to Jeroen's delight!

May 4th: Pax Romana at the tower.
Testing new stuff - Maarten as signifer. ..freshly painted legionary shields.. ..time to chat... ..about new gear.
A nice surprise - not only glorious weather during this may holiday, but also an unexpected guard at the tower. Again, the legionaries of Pax Romana had taken up the guard duty at the Limes. With freshly painted legionary shields of the 15th voluntary cohort (Cohors XV Voluntariorum Civium Romanorum) leaning against the tower, signifer Maarten and optio Menno had set up their tent next to the tower. Time to chat about new gear while the kids ran amongst the many flowers.

April 20th: Romans return to the Limes.
Lovely weather and the first guard, but just one, had re-appeared at the tower. A lone legionary, Frank of Pax Romana, had taken up position to overlook this quiet section of the Roman frontier.

Spring finally greets the tower in a proper way - with warm sunshine!
Spring finally greets the tower in a proper way - with warm sunshine!
A nice blue sky..
A nice blue sky..
.. and the first guard!
.. and the first guard!
Viewed from the tower, the ground is pitted with molehills..
Viewed from the tower, the ground is pitted with molehills..

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