Fectio, Late Roman re-enactment society

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What do the Fectienses seniores do at events?
Francus ego cives, Romanus miles in armis

See - Try out- Test - Experience - Understand

Experimental Archaeology - join and learn from it.

Fectio's main aim is to give the modern spectator an idea of the past, by using accurate reconstructions. Although that may sound as a boast, we try to do so as informal as possible.

We try to connect with the kids first. After all we're not behind glass - kids may touch, feel, try on most things that we carry around, and ask questions about it. That way, the grown ups also get their information and get a chance to ask their questions, too. And in doing so, we get a message across to all.

When the spectator is not feeling rebuffed, the questions follow automatically, and a dialogue ensues. By joining in each learns much about how things felt and looked than by peering at them through glass, or listening to a speech.


Are you organising a thematic day or an event in which Romans play a part? We love to talk about a way in which we can join you.

What can you expect is you hire us? We'll arrive 'in style' and usually take some 30 minutes to set up camp, before we're ready to entertain visitors. Our impression is centered on the military side of Roman culture, after all we are re-enacting the Fectienses seniores, Late Roman miltary unit. But from time to time also bring a few kids along.

Our material consists of every possible 'hardware' of the Late Roman soldier: helmets, spears, shields, swords, but also throwing darts, axes and all possible clothing.

For those interested in the less violent part of re-enactment, we also carry pottery, glass, coins and clothing to talk about.

Usually a fighting demo does not belong in our repertoire, but sometimes we can be swayed...

Children are allowed a great deal by us, and if they want they may even (under supervision) try and find out how a Roman soldier learned to fight!


Schoolprojects and schools are important to us, in order to get across at an early age a healthy concept about history. We are very willing to visit your school for an hour of even a whole day. And although we are 'history to touch', we can produce our own lesson materials.


We'd love to enhance your collection with a living display, but don't have any problems with being the centre of a collection either.

If and when you get in touch we can discuss a good concept for both. However, please keep in mind that we have an agenda and we need preparation time - after all this is not our day job! For that reason we ask to keep in mind that we need at least 2 months for bigger projects.

Interested? Mail us at fectio@hotmail.com

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